Cat Wheezing



Cat Wheezing
Depending on how often your cat may be wheezing, you may or may not need veterinarian attention. It may be caused by a hair ball they are trying to get rid of or it may be the time of the year and your cat may be susceptible to pollen. It may be circumstances, maybe you have been cleaning a steered up some dust causing your cat to wheeze. However, on the other hand if the wheezing persists for some time their maybe something more seriously wrong.
Minor Causes of Cat Wheezing
Wheezing may be brought on by a case of a sinus infection like what me and you may catch. Its not serious but the wheezing can cause discomfort for your cat so a trip to the vet may be needed. Your vet should be able to provide you with some antibiotics for you cat.
Other causes maybe things like smoke from a cigarette that may cause wheezing, so avoiding smoking around your cat will help prevent them from wheezing.
Regular hovering may also help by keeping dust levels down as dust may be the cause of your cat wheezing.
Cat wheezing has also been linked to stress, if your cat has been put into a position were he or she is getting stressed, they may begin to wheeze.

More Serious Causes of Cat Wheezing
Cat wheezing should never be ignored as it could be something serious causing it such as an infestation of heart worms or ling worms and other parasites that affect the lungs. In these cases, treatments such as oral medication or injections can help your cat recover. The most dangerous cause of Cat wheezing is asthma. A cat that has Cat asthma will have inflamed bronchial walls in their lungs that results in the lining of the lungs to become much more susceptible to viruses. This results in even more inflammation of the bronchial walls and a greater production of mucus. With more mucus the airways become even smaller making breathing a lot more difficult. An asthma attack can be triggered by an ingredient in your cats food.

Cat Asthma Treatment
The most common treatment for Cat asthma is corticosteroids. There are other illnesses that have similar symptoms to Cat asthma so steroids are used to diagnose asthma as the problem. Once steroids are administered, if the problem is asthma then the wheezing should reduced to confirm that as the problem. Other medicines may be given in order to open your cats airways by bronchodilation. To help with muscle spasms of the bronchioles, periactin is given to help reduce the spasms that result in wheezing.
If your cat dose turn out to have asthma, then your cat will need medication for the rest of his or her life. Regular vaccines may need to be administered, there are also homeopathic ways that seem to help keep asthma at bay, but it is always best to consult with your vet for professional advice.

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Cat Wheezing


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