Cat Weight




Cat Weight
Its is important to monitor your cats weight so that they don't become unhealthy, weather that's over weight or under weight. If your cat suddenly puts on weight or losses a lot of weight with out their being any change in their diet, this may indicate their is something wrong and a trip to the vet may be in need. Before a trip to the vet, it may be a good idea to monitor your cat for a few days to see if their habits have change. Maybe he or she is less active, so putting on weight, maybe their more active and have lost some weight. Does your cat have any other symptoms as well as losing weight, possibly diarrhea or even sickness? Has your cats diet changed and possibly caused a small amount of weight loss? Has your Cat been given any vaccines or received any medication or recently recovered from being sick?


Illnesses Associated with Weight Loss
If your cat is losing weight and it is concerning you, then take them to your local vet for a professional opinion. Weight loss can be caused by illnesses with some illnesses being more treatable than others.

  • Diabetes.

    • Cats can become diabetic which can lead to weight loss, the problem begins with the endocrine glands because there is not enough insulin in you cats body. This can be monitored and kept under control with regular insulin injections just like in people.

  • Leukemia Virus.

    • Leukemia virus is fatal and can be past from cat to cat by bodily fluids  such as saliva and will cause weight loss.

  • Kidney Disease/Failure.

    • This can make your cat loss weight as well as your cat having the possibility of having tumours, cysts or an untreated infection.

  • Liver Disease.

    • If your cat has any problems with his or her liver such as hepatitis, this can result in weight loss and also give other symptoms such as vomiting and yellow in your cats eyes.

  • Malabsorption.

    • This is when your Cats digestive tract has trouble absorbing nutrients from food eaten resulting in weight loss. This can be caused by a gastro intestinal problem.

  • Parasites.

    • Their are a handful of parasites that can infect your cat and cause problems such as weight loss and be very severe. Worms are the most common cause of Cat weight loss with the likes of hookworms, tapeworms, giardia parasites and heart worms.

If your Cat is losing weight then it may be a good idea to get them to the vet as soon as possible, as it can something small to something very serious. If its something serious then the sooner you catch the problem the better chance your cats has for a full recovery.


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Cat Weight


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