Cat Vomiting



Cat Vomiting
It is not uncommon for a cat to vomit, however if the vomiting persists then a trip to your local vet may be necessary. Vomiting can be caused by many things such as: eating very quickly, a swift change in your cats diet may upset their stomach, eating the wrong or even out of date food, foods they are allergic to, foods they are intolerant to, foreign objects such as bone and hair, toxins like poisons from plants and possibly antifreeze, parasites and intestinal worms, fur balls, liver disease, ulcers, heat stroke and many more. If your cat is sick and it is a once of then there is most likely nothing to worry about. If the vomiting persists and their are other symptoms such as diarrhoea, a very bad smell from the vomit or it containing blood, then a trip to your local vet is recommended. If you intend on taking your cat to the vet, a sample of your cats vomit may be worth taking to help your vet diagnose what is wrong.
Diagnosing Vomiting
To begin with, your vet should undertake a complete physical examination, feeling your cats stomach for any abnormalities. He or she may also ask about the current history of your cat as to weather they have had a change of diet or come into contact with a toxic substance. They may also ask about the vomit, how it came up and what it contained. Weather your cat vomited continually, now and again, if it contained blood, if it contained feces, if it was projectile vomiting and if it contained anything such as hair balls or even material such as cloth.

Possible Test
Your vet may wish to perform test to identify the problem such as a complete blood count, heartworm testing, biochemical profiling, fecal flotation to test for parasites and any necessary x rays.

Treating Vomiting
If your cats continual vomiting has resulted in a trip to your local vets, then a diagnosis is needed before any treatment can be administered. The treatment will depend completely on the results of the test to find the cause of the vomiting.  



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Cat Vomiting


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