Cat Tumors




Cat Tumors
Unusual cell growth creates masses called Tumors that can sometimes be felt while stroking your cat or in other cases they are internal, in which case you have to relay on other symptoms to realize something is wrong. Tumors can be one of two types, either benign meaning non cancerous or malignant meaning cancerous. Tumors can form in any part of your cats body making it very important to watch for a change in your cats mood, this may indicate something is wrong.


Cat Tumour symptoms
The most obvious singe of a tumour is the feel of an abnormality when stroking your cat, a possible lump you may have noticed. Other symptoms may occur that may identify an internal problem such as:

  • An extended stomach

  • Loss of weight

  • Loss of appetite

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Severe cough

  • Difficulty eating

  • Struggling to breath

  • Bad breath

  • Trouble urinating

  • A sore that will not heal

  • Discharge from a body opening

  • Blood from a body opening

  • A possible change in the way your cat walks or moves

Possible Types of Tumors
There are many types of Tumors with some of them being: Adrenal Tumour, Bone, Ceruminous Gland, Oesophagus, Eyelid, Kidney, Lymphoma, Mammary, Mast Cell Tumour, Nasal, Nerve, Pituitary, Salivary Gland, Spinal Cord, Skull and Sweat Gland.

Diagnosing a Tumour
If you suspect a tumour then a visit to the vets will be need to confirm your suspicions. Your vet should give your cat a very thorough examination involving a very physical examination to feel for any lumps or bumps. If any are found, your vet will most likely x-ray the area and possible perform an ultrasound to get a very good look at what it may be.
In order to see how your cats body and organs are functioning, your vet should take a blood and urine sample for testing. If a part of the internal system is not working properly then it will show up on one of the test letting your vet know there is possibly something wrong.
If and when a tumour is found the next most important thing to find out is weather it is cancerous or not. This will involve a biopsy, this is when a small piece of the tumour is cut away for investigation, to see weather it is cancerous or not.

Treating Cat Tumors
The treatment of a tumour depends on the type and position of the tumour and weather or not it has spread. They can be treated on by removing the tumour, medication or radiation. In some cases a combination of treatments is needed.


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Cat Tumors


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