Cat Stress




Causes of Cat Stress
Cat stress can be caused by a number of things such as:

  • Moving or rearranging furniture

  • Decorating

  • Household routine change such as a different work time

  • A new pet introduced

  • A new person in the household

  • The loss of a pet

  • The loss of a family member

  • For indoor cats, no stimulation

  • Seeing another animal outside when indoors

  • Cat shows

  • Confinement

  • Parties

  • Visitors

Cat stress can be easy or hard to identify and can cause mental and physical problems.


Cat Stress Symptoms
Cat stress symptoms can show differently, weather mental or physical. Some cats may hide more than they normally do when their quite comfortable socializing. Some Cats may loss their appetite and eat less if they eat at all. Cat stress has also been linked to the likes of interstitial cystitis (urinary tract disease), respiratory problems and gastrointestinal problems. Stress can also cause pacing back and forth, trembling, pulling out fur creating bald patches and excessive meowing.

Cat Stress Management
Managing your cats stress can be easy or difficult depending on what is causing their stress. Some things cant be avoided such as moving home or even decorating. You can in some cases minimise stress, for instance when it may involve visitors. You can keep your cat in another room till they leave but making sure they are comfortable.
Either move what is causing the stress, away or move your cat away from what is causing him or her the stress. If the stress is very bad and continues, you may like to consult a vet for help. Your vet may prescribe the likes of Clomicalm that is used to treat anxiety and is an anti depressant. This works well along with behavioural therapy. Your vet may also prescribe Valium, this is a tranquilliser and can cause your cat to become more agitated. Their are other ways to try and de stress your cat without prescribed drugs such as: aromatherapy, massaging, T-touch, herbal therapies, homeopathic and even nutritional supplements.



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Cat Stress


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