Cat Sneezing




Sneezing Causes
A cat sneezing is a normal occurrence that means your Cats respiratory systems is working properly, however excessive sneezing can mean their is a problem. Problems may be:

  • Airways related, these are mostly seen in an older cat

    • With a fungal infection in  the nasal passage

    • Nasal Polyps

    • Nasal Tumors

  • Rhinotracheitis

    • This is an infection caused by the herpes-1 virus resulting in excessive sneezing. If a kitten is infected then the lining of their nose can be damaged permanently.

  • Infections

    • Infections in the respiratory system are the leading causes in excessive Cat sneezing. Infections can be caused by the likes of:

    • Parainfluenza virus

    • Adenovirus

    • Viruses can be caught easily by your cat coming in to contact with another animal with the virus. The cat may also suffer with mucas discharge, coughing and swollen glands.

  • Allergies

    • These may consist of everyday things such as smoke, perfume or pollen.

    • Also chemicals used in and around your home may result in your cat having an allergic reaction.



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Cat Sneezing


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