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Sarcoma, Relating to Vaccines
Sarcoma is a cancer that has been related to vaccines since 1991 when vets noticed an increased amount of sarcoma's were vaccines are commonly injected. Sarcoma's are not normally linked with the vaccine them selves but it can be possible very rarely.


Lumps after a Vaccination
Lumps after a vaccination are common and can last a few weeks then disappear all together, they are a painless swelling caused by the vaccine. On occasion the lump may persist and become a sarcoma and in this instance, your vet may suggest keeping an eye on it over a couple of months. If the lump does persist after a couple of months, your vet may take a biopsy of the lump for diagnosing the cause.
Things to look out for are weather the lump has persisted for longer than a month, weather it has got larger in the month from the vaccine and if it is larger than 20 millimetres.
If the biopsy returns positive for sarcoma, your vet may refer you to another vet who has experience with cancer.

Should you still Vaccinate your Cat?
You should as their are higher risks for not having your Cat vaccinated. For example, if your cat was to contract rabies not only is your cat at risk but so are you and if not caught soon enough, rabies is deadly.
Vaccine related sarcoma is being taken very seriously by vets and is being researched. However, it is still very important for your Cat to be vaccinated. To try and prevent sarcoma, an assessment of your cat and the way they live (weather he or she is an indoor or out door cat) will help determine what and how often certain vaccines will need to be administered.


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Cat Sarcoma


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