Cat Oral Cancer




Cat Oral Cancer
Cat oral cancer is one of the more rare forms of cancer in cats and unfortunately it can be very deadly to most that catch it. This is because it is very difficult to treat. If caught early, it can help with treatment but symptoms normally rise when the cancer is in a later stage.
Cat Oral Cancer Symptoms
Symptoms for oral cancer in cats consists of:

  • Trouble eating

  • Dropping food while eating

  • Loss of appetite

  • Less grooming

  • Swollen mouth

  • Drooling

  • Blood from the mouth


If eating is a problem for your cat then it may mean something else is wrong rather than cancer, so this should be cheeked by your vet as soon as possible. Its important your cat does not go long with out any food or water.

Diagnosing Cat Oral Cancer
A trip to your local vet will be the first thing you should do. They will give your cat a physical examination along with a look inside your cats mouth. They may also take a blood sample for testing to find out about your cats general health.
On examining your cats mouth, if a tumour is found then a biopsy may be taken. The biopsy is to determine weather the tumour is malignant or not. If the biopsy is positive for being malignant meaning cancer, then the biopsied piece will be subjected to different chemotherapy drugs in order to decide what is the best action for treatment.

Treating Cat Oral Cancer
Cat oral cancer is normally treated by chemotherapy or radiation and then if needed, surgery. If the cancer is diagnosed soon enough, surgery can be successful at curing the problem by removal. If chemotherapy is needed, then during diagnosing the biopsy, the most appropriate chemotherapy will be chosen for treatment. Treatment may be administered over a period of weeks and have side affects such as vomiting, loss of appetite and loss of hair.
In about 5 percent of cases, surgery can remove the hole tumour depending upon its location and extent. In more cases, most of the tumour will be removed by surgery with the rest being treated by chemotherapy.


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Cat Oral Cancer


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