Cat Immunodeficiency Virus



Cat Immunodeficiency Virus
Cat immunodeficiency virus is also known as FIV and also cat AIDS. Cat immunodeficiency virus is a retrovirus that is apart of the lentivirus family. This is similar to the human virus HIV. Cat immunodeficiency virus doesn't only affect house hold cats, it also affects lions, tigers, pumas and cheetahs. Cat immunodeficiency virus attacks the cells that make up the immune system, this results in Cat acquired immune deficiency syndrome. With damage being done to the immune system, it makes if very difficult for your cats body to fight of infections.
Cat Immunodeficiency Virus Symptoms
Cat immunodeficiency virus brakes down your cats immune system, allowing your cat to be more open to catching a bacterial, viral, fungal or protazoal infection.
Step 1: The virus gets inside your cats body and travels to regional lymph nodes, once their they will begin to replicate. The replication happens in the white blood cells called T lymphocytes. The virus then spread through your cats body to infect other lymph nodes. By this time their may be a very obvious illness shown by your cat, this may show as: A fever, leukopenia, anaemia, malaise and swollen lymph nodes that may last a couple of weeks. Through this time you may be unaware of your cats pending illness.
Step 2: Your cat recovers from the first step and seems, for many years to be normal and have no problems leading a normal cats life.
Step 3: During the time your cat seamed to live a normal life, the Cat immunodeficiency virus carried on destroying T lymphocytes that are needed for the immune system to function. It gets to a stage were your cats immune system can no longer fight of infections, your cat at this stage may show signs of immunodeficiency. Cats show this different ways with some being: Anemia, cancer, continual problems with skin, eyes, urinary tract and respiratory system, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, gingivitis, stomatitis and a poor coat condition.

Cat Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission
Cat Immunodeficiency Virus is very strong in Cat saliva resulting in cats biting each other being a very good way for the virus to be transmitted. Cat kittens may be infected while in the womb or infected by their mothers milk once born. Cats cant get infected by grooming one another or by mating.

Diagnosing Cat Immunodeficiency Virus
This can only be done by a blood test if its suspected. Unfortunately false positives and negatives can be given. False positives may be as a result of your cat having recently been vaccinated for Cat immunodeficiency virus. False negatives may be produced because it takes a few weeks for Cat immunodeficiency virus antibodies to develop in the blood. If your cats condition has progressed to the later stages then they may not be producing antibodies for Cat immunodeficiency virus anymore.

Treating Cat Immunodeficiency Virus
Unfortunately their is no cure for Cat immunodeficiency virus. You can only make your cat as comfortable as possible for the remainder of their life.

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Cat Immunodeficiency Virus


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