Cat Hair Loss




Cat Hair Loss
Cat hair loss can look rather scary and concerning, it can be caused by many different things. Some causes are a worrying problem when others are not so much and may need a small change in their life style such as their diet.

Cat Hair Loss Causes

  • Allergies

    • Allergies can result in your cat loosing hair from itching. This can be brought on by something he or she may have eaten or something they may gave come into contact with. In order to diagnose the problem, you must eliminate the problem and this can be very difficult. Once the offending problem has been identified, weather part of your cats diet or something they come in contact with, it can be permanently removed so the allergies no longer bother your cat. It may take some time before your cat is completely back to normal. Your vet may even prescribe some medication to help relieve any itching still experienced by your cat. Once the allergy has passed, your cats fur should begin to grow back.

  • Cushing's Disease

    • Cushing's disease is a rear cause of hair loss in cats, it is also known as hyperadrenocorticism. As well as hair loss, cushing's disease symptoms include an increase in appetite and thirst and mild to possible severe lethargy. Your cats skin may also feel thinner than it should, resulting in them become unhappy when stroked when they would normally be very content. You may find that if your cat has cushing's disease, their hair loss is likely to be symmetrical on their body. It can happen anywhere on their body but is more common around their mid to lower abdomen.

  • Fleas

    • Hair loss can occur during a flea infestation or if you cat is allergic to fleas. If your cat is allergic to fleas it may only take one single flea to cause a considerable reaction resulting in hair loss. This is due to your cat chewing through their hair in order to get to the very itchy skin. At the first sight of fleas, you should seek out immediate treatment as you may catch it before it becomes more compacted.

  • Hyperthyroidism

    • Hyperthyroidism disorder affects many cats and is the most common problem among cats and causes cats to loss hair. As well as hair loss your cat may also loss weight, groom less or stop all together, drink excessively resulting in excessive urinating and a ravenous appetite. This can be controlled with medication or radioactive iodine therapy.

  • Mange

    • Mange are mites that dig under the skin and cause very uncomfortable itching and they cant be seen. Mange is normally diagnosed by taking skin scrapings and looking at them through a microscope. This is treatable by applying pyrethrin, normally done by your vet.

  • Notoedres Cati

    • Notoedres cati is an overlooked cause of a cat losing hair. Notoedres cati is a parasite, this causes alopecia in cats. Hair loss will be found on your cats ears, neck, eyelids, facial area and upper body areas. This is the second most common parasite found to affect cats.

  • Pyoderma

    • Pyoderma is caused by the skin being scratched and bitten creating an infection called pyoderma. Pyoderma results in hair loss from a localized area with a pussy discharge over it that crusts over. It is important to keep the area clean of puss and discharge so healing can occur. It is also important to find the cause of the irritation in order to prevent it.

  • Ringworm

    • Ringworm creates round patches of hair loss and is a fungus that affects the hair shafts. Treatments can involve shaving the entire cat to prevent it from spreading, dips and oral medication. Once Ringworm has been eradicated, the hair should grow back problem free. 

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Cat Hair Loss


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