Cat Fibrosarcoma




Cat Fibrosarcoma
Cat fibrosarcoma's are very malignant and aggressive tumours with sarcoma meaning cancerous cells in the supportive connecting tissues. Directly below the dermis of the skin is the epidermis. The epidermis is made up entirely of connective tissues. Vaccines are highly associated with Cat fibrosarcoma, this has been called VAS meaning vaccine associated sarcoma. This has been found to occur more often when the vaccine contains adjuvant. The skin will become inflamed before cancer sets in and this can then lead to the bones being infected causing lameness by the bone marrow and the outer part of the bone being destroyed. If your cat reaches this stage them I'm afraid things don't look good for your cat.


Treating Cat Fibrosarcoma
Removal of the tumour is the first step in treatment as long as the tumour can be removed. This may be followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy if needed. If repeated surgery is needed it can not be done for 5 months after the first procedure.
Deciding on weather the surgery will take place will depend on the extent of the cancerous cells spread. If the cancer has spread to the lungs, lymph nodes or skin then surgery may no longer be an option as it will be to late to do anything.


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Cat Fibrosarcoma


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