Cat Drooling




Cat Drooling
This is caused by your cats body producing too much saliva. This can be brought on by your cat being very happy and content from some much needed affection or a problem to do with your cats nervous system or an oral problem, a nervous system problem can be very common, resulting in excesses saliva leading to drooling. On the other hand, drooling could be as a result of your cats teeth not lining up properly allowing saliva to seep through. You cat may also be reluctant to swallow as their may be some discomfort in swallowing due to another problem.

Cat Drooling Causes Diagnosis
This will require a trip to the vets, it may even involve sedation so that a thorough examination of your cats mouth can be performed. During your cats oral examination, your vet should check to make sure his or her mouth closes properly, preventing drooling. Some time during your cat growing up, their teeth may form irregularly meaning their mouth cant close properly. Another cause for misaligned teeth are oral tumours, these can also affect the jaw resulting in their mouth not being able to close properly. If your cats mouth cant close properly then this will result in them drooling. Oral cancer or squamous cell carcinoma is also unfortunately a common cause of drooling and is a very fast acting oral cancer.
If the trigeminal nerve otherwise known as the cranial never is damaged possibly paralysed then this can result in your Cat drooling. However this kind of damage is rear.


Trauma to your cats mouth will most likely result in them drooling such as:

  • A broken tooth

  • Fractured jaw

  • Temporomandibular join disorder

In older cats, kidney failure is quite common and results in your cat drooling. Cats that have a very serious case of kidney failure may have urine in their blood that leads to the development of ulcers on your cats gums, tongue and around their lips. These ulcers are very unpleasant for your cat and can produce bad smelling drool. These symptoms should be easy for your vet to spot in an oral exam.
If your cats mouth appears to look normal, other causes for excessive drooling are:

  • Liver disease

  • Nausea

  • Seizures

  • Drug stimulation

  • Toxins

The liver creates problems by not removing all the toxins from the blood stream as it should. This results in toxins gathering in the blood were they travel to and affect the brain. This causes a mental condition called hepatic encephalopathy. Portosystemic shunt is a common liver disorder that leads to toxins not being cleaned out of the blood leading to further problems resulting in drooling. Signs of a liver disorder are:

  • Change in behaviour

  • Bad appetite

  • Loss of weight

  • More than normal thirst

  • Resultant urinating

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea

  • Drooling

Nausea followed by vomiting is commonly followed by drooling. This is also commonly linked to liver diseases.
If your cat is on any medication, this can lead to drooling as the medication may not taste to nice. Drugs such as:

  • Metronidazole

  • Chlorpheniramne

  • Sulfa antibiotics

are known for causing excessive drooling in cats. Other things that may cause excessive drooling are:

  • Flea or tick insecticide overdosing

  • Secretion from some toads, newts or even venom from insects

  • Plants

  • Cleaning products

During a seizure your cat will most likely drool more however Cat seizures are uncommon.
If your cat begins to drool then signs to look for that may indicate something serious are: abnormal behaviour, bad smell from the saliva, or blood in the saliva. If any of these are noticed then a trip to your local vets will most likely be in need.


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Cat Drooling


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