Cat Diarrhea




Causes of Cat Diarrhea
Light Cat diarrhea can be brought on by even a small change such as:

  • Their diet

  • A parasite in the intestines

  • Digesting some medications

  • A blockage possible caused by a hair ball forming

More serious Cat diarrhea can be brought on by things such as:

  • Bacterial infection of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Fungal infections

  • Food intolerances

  • Allergies to foods

  • Colitis

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

  • Neoplasia

  • Pancreatitis

  • Kidney problems

  • Liver disease

  • Eating things like:

    • Toxic heavy metals

    • Rat poison

    • Some poisonous plants

    • Cleaning products


Symptoms for Cat Diarrhea
Milled Cat diarrhea may involve wet, loose stools only were bad diarrhea may involve the likes of:

  • A fever

  • Dehydration

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea containing blood

  • No appetite

  • Lethargy

  • Pains in the abdomen

Diagnosing Cat Diarrhea
To determine the cause of your Cats diarrhea a trip to the vets will be necessary as test will need to be taken such as:

  • A physical examination

  • A stool sample taken for tests

  • An x-ray on the gastrointestinal track

If their are more severe symptoms present then test such as blood testing and stool cultures for leukaemia and immunodeficiency viruses are done and there is a possibility of a biopsy of the intestinal track.

Treating Cat Diarrhea
Once the cause is diagnosed, the correct medication can be prescribed for your Cat. In rear cases were diarrhea is caused by a blockage, surgery may be required to treat the problem.


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Cat Diarrhea


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