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Cat Corona Virus Information
Cat corona virus results in mostly mild symptoms with the very rare and odd occasion were its more severe and in this incidence, causes death. With a very sever case of Cat corona virus witch is very rear, this leads to Cat infectious peritonitis. Cat infectious peritonitis is the largest cause of cat deaths, so if your cat reaches this stage then unfortunately they are likely to loose their life. Cat corona virus infects white blood cells and can be spread from cat to cat in close contact. Cat corona virus takes around 2 weeks to appear with signs such as a runny nose or discharge from their eyes that may clear up on their own if its a mild case. If and when your cat recovers from Cat corona virus the virus can survive for a further 7 weeks in dried cat feces. Cat corona virus is more common in house holds that have more than one cat.

Cat Infectious Peritonitis Information
Cat infectious peritonitis comes in two types with the one being an acute form otherwise known as "wet" or "effusive FIP". The other is a chronic form called "dry" or "noneffusive FIP". The majority of cases are acute where the symptoms appear all of a sudden.
Acute or Wet Cat peritonitis is the accumulation of fluid in your cats body cavities hence the name "wet". These fluids can build up the abdomen and the chest cavity making it hard for your cat to breath as the fluids will compress the lungs.
Chronic or Dry Cat peritonitis is not a build up of fluids but is when lesions form on organs. This can result in neurological problems like seizures or paralysis. Other symptoms are:

  • Kidney problems

  • Liver problems

  • Weight loss

  • Depression

  • Anaemia

  • Fever


These are both apart of the same disease although they sound very different. It all depends on your Cats immune system as to which he or she will get. A Cat with a good strong immune system is more likely to get chronic or dry Cat infectious peritonitis were a Cat with a less strong immune system is more likely to catch the acute or wet type of Cat infectious peritonitis. Some cats that have a very strong immune system may never get the symptoms but be carriers of the disease and pass it to other cats.

Diagnosing Cat Corona Virus
A visit to your veterinarian for a blood test is needed to find out if your cat has been exposed to Cat corona virus by cheeking for anti bodies for the virus. A down side to the test is that it can not determine weather your cat has Cat corona virus or Cat infectious peritonitis. Cat Infectious peritonitis can be diagnosed by further test and a look at symptoms, with x-rays and lab results from fluid collected.

Treating Cat Corona Virus
Unfortunately their isn't a cure for Cat corona virus and if your cat catches the virus they will have it for life. However it may never bother them and turn into Cat infectious peritonitis.
If your cat is unfortunate enough to get Cat infectious peritonitis, in most cases it is fatal. All you can do is make your cat a comfortable as possible by:

  • Corticosteroids

  • Antibiotics

  • Good nutrition

These will hopefully keep your Cat comfortable during this time.
There's a vaccine available for Cat infectious peritonitis however it is not recommended. If your Cat already has Cat corona virus then by administering the vaccine can advance his or her chance of getting Cat infectious peritonitis. The vaccine is normally not recommended, especially for cats with a low risk of catching Cat corona virus.


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Cat Corona Virus


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