Cat Constipation




Cat Constipation Causes
Cat constipation can take place naturally but is normally brought about by certain conditions such as dehydration. The lack of water in your cats digestive system causes your Cats stool to harden causing it to be hard for your cat to pass. Your Cats diet can create a problem with constipation with foods that are:

  • Fatty

  • Salty

  • Contain Bones

  • Also hair can cause constipation

Other causes for constipation are:

  • Lack of exercises

  • Diseases

  • Infections involving your Cats anal area


Cat Constipation Symptoms
You may find your cat spending more time in his or her litter box than normal as they are struggling to pass a stool. When a stool has been passed, you may find a small amount of blood in it. You may find your cat is less active due to un comfort also a loss of appetite from an upset stomach.

Cat Constipation Diagnosis
A visit to your local vets will be need to diagnose your cat with constipation, they may need to take a blood sample and urine sample for testing. These test are to eliminate other diseases that can cause the same symptoms. An x-ray may also be taken so to see if there is an obstruction within the colon causing the blockage and constipation. Constipation can cause damage to the colon so its important for your vet to make sure their has been no damage caused.

Cat Constipation Treatment
Once constipation has been diagnosed as the problem, intravenous hydration is normally the first step to treating the problem, as this restores a balance of fluids and electrolytes in your cats body. Your vet may also give you Cat enemas, laxatives or cathartics to help pass stools and for sever cases, your Cat may be put under anaesthesia so very hard stools can be removed physically from the colon.

Cat Constipation Prevention
Grooming can help reduce Cat constipation by getting rid of loos hair that you cat world normally clean of an ingest causing problems. Keeping you cats litter box is important to as cats can be fussy about them being clean. Also their diet can help prevent constipation by adding supplements such as Metamucil or bran.


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Cat Constipation


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