Feline Blindness




Feline Sight Loss
The causes of feline blindness are:

  • Cataracts

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Glaucoma

  • Feline Hypertension

  • Injuries

  • Tumours

Your felines eyesight is much better than your own or in fact any person with 20/20 vision. Your feline will also have superior senses such as hearing and smell along with whiskers and the hair between their paw pads. Your feline will make very good use of all these senses so if their sight begins to go, you wont realize until what ever is causing the sight loss is very advanced.

Feline Cataracts
Cataracts in felines is not all that common but can lead to loss of sight. This is when the lens becomes cloudy due to an eye injury. The Lens is made up of a mixture of protein and water with the protein letting light through until it becomes damaged, when this happens the protein sticks together. This results in the cloudy look always associated with cataracts. If it is left to long and the Cataracts spreads, this will lead to surgery to get rid of the problem.


Feline Conjunctivitis
This is also known as pink eye and can be caused by a number of things including herpes virus and Chlamydia. This results in the eyelid becoming red, swollen and rather itchy.
Conjunctivitis on its own does not normally cause blindness but if your feline keeps getting it, continues rubbing from the cat for relief can cause vision loss. Treatment depends on the cause, weather its bacterial or viral it can be treated with either eye drops or oral medicine. Conjunctivitis can be very difficult to get rid of and once had, it is more likely to return.

Feline Glaucoma
Glaucoma is when their is a build up of pressure inside the eyeball that slowly contorts vision. Glaucoma is treatable if found soon enough and treated by medication. If it is not found soon enough it can lead to permanent damage of the ocular nerve and retina. Glaucoma is the leading cause in felines going blind.

Feline Hypertension
If your feline is suffering from an illness like kidney disease or diabetes he or she may be at risk of Hypertension. This can be very difficult to spot without a veterinarian. Symptoms include bloodshot eyes with unresponsive pupils.
Currently their is no treatment or medicine for feline Hypertension only disease management such as a low sodium diet along with reduced stress in his or her environment. Also providing treatment for the underlining illness such as kidney disease or diabetes.

This may include self inflicted injuries caused by scratching or from fights or accidents. This can result in scaring that can normally be treated depending on the severity of the injury, but your cat can loss sight all together.

Tumours in the brain, on the iris and eyelid can all result in your feline going blind. Surgery to remove tumours masses can treat the problem but in some cases, removing the hole eye is necessary resulting in total loss of sight.

Coping with Feline Blindness
If all medical options have been explored and exhausted, you can manage your felines blindness and its easier than you think.
The following tips may help provide some information on coping with a feline with blindness:

  • By keeping things in the same place will reduce how confused your cat may get, try to avoid moving furniture and avoid moving what your cat is familiar with like their food bowls or litter box.

  • Try and keep your home clutter free so your feline has less to avoid as their sight is poor or even not existent.

  • Keep to your cats regular schedule in that they are feed at the same time so that they don't get disorientated.
    Your cat will have become accustomed to you coming and going to gage the time as they can not tell time, so by trying to keep to a schedule will help prevent you feline becoming confused.

  • To prevent scaring your cat it may be a good idea to talk to them so they are ewer of your presence.

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Feline Blindness


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