Cat Temperature




Cat Temperature
A normal temperature for a cat is between 37.5C and 39.5C or 100F and 103F. The best way to get an accurate temperature measurement is by using a rectal thermometer. A rectal thermometer can be bought at any good pharmacy, either a traditional glass one or a digital one. The glass one should be a lot cheaper and just as accurate but care must be taken when using it as it can break. A digital thermometer can be more expensive but can work faster and be quite accurate.
Taking your cats temperature:

  • Shake the thermometer if using a glass one, till it reads less than 37.2C unless your cat seems very ill then you should shake it till its a lot lower.

  • Using some kind of lubricant such as petroleum jelly or a mild detergent, lift your cats tail slowly and gently in order to expose the anus.

  • Once the thermometer tip touches the anus, it may tighten, wait a moment and it should start to relax.

  • Once more relaxed, slowly insert the thermometer about one inch into the rectum.

  • Leave the thermometer inserted for around 40 to 60 seconds.

  • Once the time has passed, withdraw the thermometer and read the temperature.

  • If not an emergency, clean the thermometer ready for storage. If it is an emergency, this can wait.

  • Once clean, store the thermometer safely.

It may be good practice to perform the procedure when your cats is healthy so they get used to the procedure. Keep in mind your cats mode so they don't show resentment when this happens as this can make it more difficult to do when it may need to be done.
In an emergency, taking your cats temperature should be the last thing on your mind, getting them to a vet should be your biggest concern.


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Cat Temperature


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