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Cat Cold Symptoms
These will set in between 2 and 17 days of your cat coming into contact with another cat with a cold. Their are 2 groups of virus that cause most cat colds, these are herpesvirus/FVR or calicivirus. Herpesvirus may last between 2 and 4 weeks and calicivirus may last between 1 and 2 weeks. Your cat sneezing is a common indication of herpesvirus. Treating either may involve a room vaporizer, disinfecting your cats environment, nose or eye drops and some times antibiotics.
Cats are unaffected by the common cold that affects people, however they are prone to get an array of respiratory illnesses that appear the same as a cold that affects people. A respiratory problem will affect a cat by making it difficult for them to breath, this will be noticeable by the fact that they will be using their abdominal muscles more to help them breath.

Symptoms for Upper Respiratory Infections
The first sign of your cat having a cold is he or she sneezing throughout the day with conjunctivitis and ooze coming from the eyes and nose following close by. If your cat is suffering from bad congestion, he or she may breath through their mouth.
Coughing as one of the symptoms suggests a connection with herpesvirus.
Excessive drooling and mouth ulcers are more connected to calicivirus.


Treating your Cat for a Cold

  • The first step is to clean and disinfect anything your cat comes in contact with such as bedding. In order to help your Cat breathing you may like to use a steam vaporizer. Another idea for if you don't have a steam vaporizer would be to put your cat in the bathroom and run a hot shower.

  • Keep an eye on your cats diet as he or she may stop eating as their sense of smell is very important to them eating. If your cat does stop eating it may be an idea to change what you feed them to a stronger smelling food such as tuna.

  • Your Cats eyes may become water, cotton balls are very good for keeping them clean.

  • Your Cats nose may become blocked, so ask your vet about using nose drops like Afrin Children's Strength. Your vet may suggest applying one drop to one nostril on the first day followed by a second drop on the second day to the remaining nostril. This should not be done for more than 5 days.

Cat Cold Related Cough
A cough suggests their is congestion in your cat's bronchial tubes. If your Cat has water eyes and is sneezes along with its cough, this may suggest Cat Upper Respiratory Disease. If your Cat also has a mucus discharge and has a strained neck, then he or she may have bronchitis.

Treating your Cat for a Cold with a Cough
If your Cat has a cough then it is best to contact your veterinarian who is likely to prescribe Robitussin-DM. This liquefies the mucus and helps suppress your Cats cough. You vet may recommend a dosage of around a half teaspoon for every 10 ponds of your cats weight given every six hours. Robitussin-DM contains dextromethorphan and guaifenesen. If your Cat is only struggling with a mucus problem then Plain Robitussin may be more suitable, with a half teaspoon for every 10 pounds of your cats weight given every 4 hours. Its very important that you don't give your Cat anything containing acetaminophen (Tylenol). Its also important not to give your Cat any medication without first having consulted your veterinarian. If your cat has lost his or her appetite and normally eats a dry food, you should try a wet food as cats rely on their smell to determine what they are eating and wet foods smell more than dry. Wet food will also help keep your cat hydrated.

Cat Wheezing
If your cat seems to be having trouble breathing and is wheezing, this can indicate a build up of fluid in their chest. Wheezing may also point to:

  • Heart problems

  • Cancer

  • Tumors

  • Lungworms

  • Heartworms

Natural Remedies for Persistent Cat Colds
If your cat is prone to catching a cold then their are a few supplements that can be given that will help reduce their chance of getting a cold.
These are:

  • Calcium Sulphate helps for a healthy throat and nasal passages

  • Ferrum phosphate helps oxygen and iron absorption

  • Hepar. sulphate helps for a healthy throat and lungs

  • Sambucus nigra or Elder flowers help with sustaining a normal body temperature

  • Vebascum thapsus or Mullein leaves help to sooth and clear:

    • Nose

    • Chest

    • For easier breathing

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Cat Colds


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