Cat Renal Failure




Cat Chronic Renal Failure
Cat chronic renal failure is most common on older cats and is very serious. The affects are irreversible and happen over a period of months to years.
Kidneys are made up of tiny funnel shaped tubes called nephrons. They both filter and reabsorb fluids in the cats body creating a balance. If one of the nephrons is damage and this can be done by age, poison and infection, it will stop working. However the kidney is very efficient and can continue to work efficiently with only 25% of the kidney in good health. This is accomplished by the remaining nephrons growing larger in order to fill the gaps.
Kidney failure happens as soon as the 25% functioning nephrons break down and drop to below 25%. Without the kidneys to clean the blood of toxins, such as urea and creatinie creat problems by building up rather than being secreted.

Diagnosing Chronic Renal Failure
Chronic renal failure can be diagnosed by a blood panel test that measures the levels of important parts of the blood. Parts such as blood urea nitrogen, red blood cell count and creatinine are measured for normality. A urine sample will also be taken for analysis to check that levels of protein, bacteria and blood are as they should be.


Chronic Renal Failure Symptoms
The following are most likely to indicate chronic renal failure:

  • Loss of weight

  • Very thirsty

  • More regular urinating

  • Not eating

  • Vomiting

  • Poor coat condition

  • Trouble urinating

Treating Chronic Renal Failure
The following are used in treating chronic renal failure:

  • Subcutaneous Fluids

    • If your cat has been very badly affected by chronic renal failure then they may be admitted for rehydration. Administering subcutaneous fluids can be learned in order to administer at home.

  • Diet

    • Depending on your cats health, your vet may discus a low protein and low phosphorus diet along with giving your cat raw and canned foods, so extra fluids are given.

  • Medication

    • Your vet may prescribe medications such as epogen shots or an oral medication that helps clean any toxins out of the blood that the kidneys have not. These depend on your cats health and any other problems he or she may have.

  • Stimulating appetite

    • If your cat is suffering from anorexia, your vet may prescribe appetite stimulants. Although once hydrated, cats normally get their appetite back. Chronic renal failure cats often suffer with poor appetites and may struggle with prescribed foods, making it important to improvise to make it more appetising. This can be done by adding things such as:

      • Human baby food meat

      • Tuna juice

      • Juice from packets of cat food

    • You may at some point need to resort to force feeding your cat. It is a good idea to use a good quality food mixed with some water and administered with a syringe.

  • Hymodialysis

    • Equipment for hymodialysis is very expensive and your local vet may not have it. However if you are fortunate enough to live near a teaching college or somewhere they have the equipment, treatment may be possible.

  • Kidney transplant

    • This can be very expensive and also not possible with an older cat.

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Cat Renal Failure


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