Cat Bad Breath




Symptoms of Cat Bad Breath.
It can be rather unpleasant to be cuddling your pet cat to find a rather unpleasant smell coming from his or her mouth. Halitosis, otherwise known as Cats bad breath can be very common among our Cat friends. A cat with bad breath must not be ignored as it could be more serious than just unclean teeth. Depending on the smell of the breath, an increased in thirst and urination plus weight loss can indicate a different problem such as diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease.

Identifying your Cats Bad Breath Problem.
The best thing to do is to consult your local vet for an examination to determine the cause. Your vet is most likely to cheek your Cats teeth and gums first as it may be a simple case of cleaning them to get ride of the smell. Their may also be a foreign object stuck in your Cats mouth that is collecting bacteria creating the smell in which case, local anaesthetic may be required to remove the offending object. The vet will most probably smell the cats breath and ask for a detailed history of your Cats behaviour. This will help determine if there is another problem. If your Cats breath has a fruity smell to it and has been drinking and urinating more than normal, this can be an indication of Cat diabetes. Ammonia smelling breath along with drinking and urinating more and a loss of appetite can indicate Cat kidney disease. A horrid odour along with a swollen abdomen, vomiting and jaundice, jaundice being a yellow tint to your Cats eyes and gums may indicate liver disease.


Treating your Cats Bad Breath.
If you Cats bad breath is cased by dirty teeth, your vet may clean them their and then. You must also clean them your self regularly otherwise the bad breath may return. If the cause of the bad breath is diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease your vet will take you through what can be done for your Cat and set a course for treatment.

Cat Bad Breath Sprays and Teeth brushing.
Bad breath is caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the Cats mouth. Pretty much the same as people getting bad morning breath. The key is to get a healthy level of this bacteria so not to get bad breath. This can be accomplished by a breath spray made with natural ingredients that are safe for your Cat.
Brushing your Cats teeth can be tricky depending on there temperament, this may take time. Ideally, using a purpose made cat toothpaste as people toothpaste may be harmful. Squirt a little on the tip of your finger and massage your Cats teeth and gums without forcing his or her mouth open as this may be uncomfortable. Finger brushes are also available to help aid in brushing your Cats teeth. Finish the whole experience by giving your Cat a much needed treat. This may need to be done daily and depending on your Cats temperament, a gradual build up to brushing there teeth may be needed.


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Cat Bad Breath


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