Manx Temperament
Manx cats are:

  • Playful

  • Loving

  • Loyal

  • Active

  • Independent

The Manx cat is a loving, affectionate cat and will take to family members, children and dogs alike. They enjoy playing and are excellent jumpers often to be found on the highest points in any room. As docile as they are they love to be active and will enjoy a garden. They are great company but do not crave constant attention so will be happy on their own while you are at work.

Where does the Manx come from?

The Manx cat originates from Isle of Man and can be traced back hundreds of years. There are many stories and myths surrounding the origins of how this cat came to be on the Isle of Man, some say the Manx cat was brought over by the Vikings while others say it came with the Spanish Armada but as with a number of natural breeds we will never know.

What type of Body does the Manx have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Manx cat body characteristics include:

  • Solidly built medium body

  • Large round head

  • Medium size ears

  • Round eyes

  • Short thick coats

  • Characteristic tailless cat but can have several tail lengths from rumpy, rumpy-riser, long or stumpy

The Manx cat is a medium, solidly built cat with a large round head, large round eyes and medium sized ears. Characteristically it is there taillessness that they are best known and recognised for but they are born with various tail types including rumpy-risers, stumpies and longies. Their coats are short haired and come in a range of colours and their eye colour will usually match the coat colour.


History of the Manx ?
The Manx cat is one of the few rare breeds that is completely natural. The lack of tail has given rise to myths and stories over the years keeping children amused at bedtimes, one us said to go as far back as Noah and the Ark, it is said the cat took so long to board the Ark that when the door shut it cut off the cats tail.

Food the Manx eats ?

The Manx cat will eat normal cat foods whether itís a tined food or biscuit. You must always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your breed of cat. These cats can be prone to becoming over weight and must be monitored particularly if neutered.

Is the Manx an indoor or outdoor cat ?

The Manx cat is as independent as it wants to be, as happy as he is running around in the garden practicing his mouse catching skills he is also happy to be at home curled up on the sofa waiting for you to come home.

Does the Manx have health problem ?

The Manx cat is a generally healthy cat but due to the different tail types of this breed they can be prone to spinal problems and can also have a narrowed anal passage which can lead to bowel problems so this is also an area to be monitored. As with all pets she will benefit from annual health checks to make sure kidney and liver function are normal and also for any tooth decay from about 8 years onwards.


  • Manx temperament ?
  • Where does the Manx come from ?
  • Where does the Manx originate ?
  • What type of body does the Manx Have ?
  • What type of coat does an Manx have ?
  • What type of pattern does an Manx have ?
  • History of the Manx ?
  • Physical characteristics of the Manx
  • Food the Manx eats ?
  • Is the Manx an indoor cat ?
  • Is the Manx an outdoor cat ?
  • Does the Manx have health problem ?



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