Devon Rex




Devon Rex Temperament
Devon Rex cats are:

  • Intelligent

  • Active

  • Mischievous

  • Playful

  • Very people oriented

The Devon Rex is a very affectionate cat. When you wake up it will probably not be alone if you have a Devon Rex for a pet, typically she will be found curled up between your neck and shoulder and fear not, because of their unique coat type you will not be covered in hair. Ideally suitable for people with allergies as they tend not to shed very much fur, some believing they donít shed at all. These are also very cheeky pets often mischievous and never missing an opportunity to steal food off their humanís plates. Described as being part cat, part monkey and part dog you will have to go far to find a more suitable feline pet. Where does the Devon Rex come from? The Devon Rex put in its first appearance in Devonshire, England in 1960.


What type of Body does the Devon Rex have i.e. coat, patterns etc?
The Devon Rex body characteristics include:

  • Mid-sized and compact Large eyes

  • Oversized ears

  • Upturned nose giving a pixie quality

  • Typically weighing around 6lb to 9lbs

  • Known for their curly wavy coats

  • Long sturdy legs for getting them into the high places they love to be in

  • The Devon Rex coat is unique, containing guard, awn and down, all three typical hair types, the Devon Rex lacks guard hairs, breaking easily the Devon Rex develops bald patches until re-growth occurs during spring and autumn. Requiring little grooming the Devon Rex is a very low maintenance breed usually only needing a nail clipping and bathing.

History of the Devon Rex ?
The Devon Rex only appeared in 1960. The origins of the Devon Rex is of a relatively new breed, emerging purely by a fluke breeding of feral, curly-coated tom with a straight-coated female that resulted in a litter of kittens that produced one that had the same curly short haired coat as its father. The litter turned up in the garden of Beryl Cox a cat fancier who lives in Devonshire.

Food the Devon Rex eats ?

The Devon Rex will eat normal cat foods whether itís a tined food or biscuit.

Is the Devon Rex an indoor or outdoor cat ?

The Devon Rex is a very active cat, they love to climb and with their power legs are big jumpers. Having said that they equally crave their humansí companionship and will more than happily share their humans lives, often happy to sit on laps or even shoulders and sleeping with their humans curled up in the crook of their shoulders and necks waking them with purring and licking them.

Does the Devon Rex have health problem ?

The Devon Rex is a very low maintenance cat to look after, although they are prone to bald patches this is not an illness or disease and will correct itself in time. Checking their ears for insect residue or dirt, nail clipping and regular monthly bathing is usually all that is required to keep this feline happy and lots of attention.


  • Devon Rex temperament ?
  • Where does the Devon Rex come from ?
  • Where does the Devon Rex originate ?
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  • What type of coat does an Devon Rex have ?
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  • History of the Devon Rex ?
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  • Food the Devon Rex eats ?
  • Is the Devon Rex an indoor cat ?
  • Is the Devon Rex an outdoor cat ?
  • Does the Devon Rex have health problem ?

Devon Rex


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