Cornish Rex




Cornish Rex Temperament
The Cornish Rex is:

  • Quite

  • Outgoing

  • Active

  • Family cat

  • Energetic

  • Acrobatic

  • Loves to climb

  • Very intelligent

  • Very affectionate

  • Get on well with other pets and children

Where does the Cornish Rex come from?
The Cornish Rex comes from Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

What type of Body does the Cornish Rex have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

This cat is:

  • Medium sized

  • Short coat

  • Slender build and body

  • Long legs

  • The tail is long and tapered to the end

  • Muscular

  • Wedge shaped head

  • The head is longer than it is wide

  • High cheek bones

  • Roman nose

  • Ears are positioned high on the head

  • Ears are not to close together

  • Oval eyes

  • Comes in all recognised colours


What type of coat does an Cornish Rex have ?
The coat is wavy, lacking in guard hairs giving the coat an even soft feel.

History of the Cornish Rex ?

Found in Bodmin Moor of Cornwall, in 1950 a tortoiseshell coat cat owned by Mrs Nina Ennismore called Serena gave birth to a litter made up of 5 kittens. One of the 5 kittens had an abnormal coat, being curly. This red and white coloured kitten was to be called Kallibunker and was to become the first Cornish Rex ever.

Food the Cornish Rex eats ?

The Cornish Rex has no dietary requirements so long as a good healthy diet is provided.

Is the Cornish Rex an indoor or outdoor cat ?

They make a lovely house hold cat for a very active house holds as they need plenty of attention as they are very active. If your cat is going to be left indoors for long periods of time, having two cats is recommended as they keep each other company. They don's make good outdoor pets as their coats make them vulnerable to hot and cold weather that can cause problems.

Does the Cornish Rex have health problem ?

The breed is considered fragile as their coat is very fragile. It is easily damaged along with them being unprotected from hot or cold weather.


  • Cornish Rex temperament ?
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  • Where does the Cornish Rex originate ?
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  • What type of coat does an Cornish Rex have ?
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  • History of the Cornish Rex ?
  • Physical characteristics of the Cornish Rex
  • Food the Cornish Rex eats ?
  • Is the Cornish Rex an indoor cat ?
  • Is the Cornish Rex an outdoor cat ?
  • Does the Cornish Rex have health problem ?

Cornish Rex


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