Chausie Temperament
The Chausie is:

  • Sweet natured

  • Very affectionate

  • Alert

  • Intelligent

  • Dog like

  • Very loyal

  • Loving

  • Gets along well with other pets

  • Athletic

  • Fast

Where does the Chausie come from?
The Chausie cat is a hybrid cat produced by breeding a wild cat from Asia, India or Sri Lanka and an Abyssinian. An Abyssinian is used as they have the same look and as active as the wild cats.


What type of Body does the Chausie have i.e. coat, patterns etc?
The Chausie is:

  • Can stand between 14 to 18 inches at their shoulders

  • Tall

  • Lean

  • Very long

  • Hind legs longer than the front

  • Considered to be twice as tall as a domestic cat

  • 2 or 3 times heavier than a domestic cat

  • Colours include brown ticked tabby, solid and silver tip

What type of coat does an Chausie have ?
The Chausie coat is short to medium in length, dense and rather coarse.

History of the Chausie ?

The Chausie first appeared in the 1960's and 70's when breeding the wild and domestic cats began. The reason for the hybrids being introduced was to provide a wild looking cat that was domestic rather than trying to domesticate a wild cat. To begin with, many different domestic cats were used for breeding and now Abyssinian's and shorthair's are used as they are the closest looking to wild cats already.
In 1995, the International Cat Association gave the Chausie foundation registry status. By 2001, February, the Chausie breed made Evaluation status and in May 2003, made Advanced New Breed statues and competes in TICA shows.

Food the Chausie eats ?

A healthy diet is very important. Make sure your Chausie has a wide range of healthy foods such as fish, biscuit and milk. Being a large hybrid cat, larges amounts of protein is important in keeping them strong.

Is the Chausie an indoor or outdoor cat ?

The Chausie can be kept inside as long as they are given plenty of attention.

Does the Chausie have health problem ?

The Chausie has no breed related illnesses, however regular trips to the vet can be helpful in maintaining good health.


  • Chausie temperament ?
  • Where does the Chausie come from ?
  • Where does the Chausie originate ?
  • What type of body does the Chausie Have ?
  • What type of coat does an Chausie have ?
  • What type of pattern does an Chausie have ?
  • History of the Chausie ?
  • Physical characteristics of the Chausie
  • Food the Chausie eats ?
  • Is the Chausie an indoor cat ?
  • Is the Chausie an outdoor cat ?
  • Does the Chausie have health problem ?



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