Burmese Temperament
Burmese cats are:

  • Social

  • Laid back

  • Sweet

  • Smart

  • Not as vocal as Siamese cats

  • Love company

  • Don't like being left alone for to long

  • Playful

  • And will love to sleep on your lap!

Where does the Burmese come from?
The Burmese cat originates from Burma having been imported into America in 1930 by Dr Joseph Thompson.


What type of Body does the Burmese have i.e. coat, patterns etc?
The Burmese cats body is:

  • Medium sized

  • Strong

  • Muscular

  • Athletic body

  • Silky soft

  • Short hair

  • Hair leys close to the body

  • Golden yellow eyes

What type of coat does an Burmese have ?
The Burmese cat has a very close lying fur that is short and silky soft. Colours include:

  • Brown

  • Chocolate

  • Lilac

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Cream

  • Blue Tortie

  • Brown Tortie

  • Chocolate Tortie

  • Lilac Tortie

History of the Burmese ?
The Burmese comes from Burma when a Dr Joseph Thompson imported a Burmese in 1930, taking her to San Francisco. Dr Joseph Thompson named her Wong Mau witch he breed with a Seal Point Siamese in 1932. This was to become the starting point a breeding programme to produce a true breed. This resulted in a litter of two colours, some much the same as a Siamese while the others were a brown kitten with dark points. Wong Mau was then mated with a son from the litter that produced three colours among the litter. Some Siamese, Brown and dark brown kittens. The Dark brown kittens of the litter breed true to become the foundation of the Burmese cat breed.

Food the Burmese eats ?

The Burmese does not require a special diet. It is advised that you feed your cat a healthy diet to keep them fit and so they do not become over or under weight.

Is the Burmese an indoor or outdoor cat ?

The Burmese makes a lovely indoor cat as long as they are paid attention they may seek. However they don't like to be left on their own for long periods of time and if this is the case, its advised that you get two cats so they can keep each other company.

Does the Burmese have health problem ?

The Burmese has no special health problems but regular trips to you local vet are advised to ensure your cats health.


  • Burmese temperament ?
  • Where does the Burmese come from ?
  • Where does the Burmese originate ?
  • What type of body does the Burmese Have ?
  • What type of coat does an Burmese have ?
  • What type of pattern does an Burmese have ?
  • History of the Burmese ?
  • Physical characteristics of the Burmese
  • Food the Burmese eats ?
  • Is the Burmese an indoor cat ?
  • Is the Burmese an outdoor cat ?
  • Does the Burmese have health problem ?



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