Bombay Temperament
The Bombay is:

  • Energetic

  • Affectionate

  • Intelligent

  • Like to interact with people

  • Enjoy playing games

  • They often seek heat and make their way into bed covers

  • They have a soft voice and can be rather vocal

Where does the Bombay come from?
The Bombay comes from breeding a Burmese with either a Black British cat or an American Short Hair cat.


What type of Body does the Bombay have i.e. coat, patterns etc?
The Bombay cat is:

  • Medium size

  • Very good bone structure

  • Strong muscle development

  • A heavy cat for its size

  • Rounded head with sharp angles

  • Larger than normal space between the eyes

  • Muzzle is broad and quite rounded

  • Rounded eyes

  • Eyes are coloured gold or copper

  • Medium sized ears

  • Ears are pointed forward slightly

  • Ears are set well apart

  • The tail is of a medium length and straight

Their coat should be close lying to their body with a satin feel to it with a patent leather look. The coat should also be black rite down to the roots.

What type of coat does a Bombay have ?
The Bombay has a very attractive sleek black coat.

History of the Bombay ?
Nikki Horner was responsible for the development and breeding of the Bombay. Her goal was to creat a miniature black panther. She began by breeding a sable Burmese with a solid black American Shorthair. Nike Horner's first attempts for a miniature black panther were disappointing. In the late 1950's with the help of a different breed stock, her results turned around for the best and in 1976, her Bombay was accepted by the CFA.

Food the Bombay eats ?
The Bombay will eat any food you provide him or her with though you may find them watching you eat. They tend to keep a balanced weight no mater what they eat though a healthy diet is recommended.

Is the Bombay an indoor or outdoor cat ?
The Bombay is best kept inside and makes a very good cat for a flat owner. They also get on well with other pets.

Does the Bombay have health problem ?
The Bombay has no breed health problems though a healthy diet is recommended along with vet cheek ups.


  • Bombay temperament ?
  • Where does the Bombay come from ?
  • Where does the Bombay originate ?
  • What type of body does the Bombay Have ?
  • What type of coat does an Bombay have ?
  • What type of pattern does an Bombay have ?
  • History of the Bombay ?
  • Physical characteristics of the Bombay
  • Food the Bombay eats ?
  • Is the Bombay an indoor cat ?
  • Is the Bombay an outdoor cat ?
  • Does the Bombay have health problem ?



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