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American Curl Temperament
The American Curl is very curious and makes a very good companion. They love to interact with people and help around the home, they will often bump heads with you and new people their introduced to. They are also very intelligent but even as adults they will often keep their kitten like behaviour. The American Curl is not all that talkative but will tell you when they need something like attention. They will also adjust to many things like home conditions and other animals.

Where does the American Curl come from?

The American Curl is an uncommon and fairly new breed found in places such as the United States, Spain, France, Japan, Russia and many more countries. The American Curl was first seen at a cat show in 1983 and in 1987 received championship status by The International Cat Association.

What type of Body does the American Curl have?
The American Curl has a medium sized body.

What type of coat does an American Curl have ?

The American Curl can have a short or long haired coat and comes in many different colours.

What type of pattern does an American Curl have ?

The American Curl can have many different patterns with different colours.

Physical characteristics of the American Curl

The most notable physical characteristic would be the cats ears, after birth from 2 to 10 days their ears will begin to curl after having been born with straight ears. After 4 months their ears will settle to their final curled position.

Food the American Curl eats ?

The American Curl has no special dietary requirements so will eat what you wish to feed them. It is always important to feed our cat a healthy and balanced diet.

Is the American Curl an indoor or outdoor cat ?

The American Curl is either an indoor or an outdoor cat depending on how you would like to look after them. Keeping your cat indoors can be beneficial as it will reduce or even stop contact with other cats preventing illnesses being past to your cat.


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  • What type of pattern does an American Curl have ?
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  • Physical characteristics of the American Curl
  • Food the American Curl eats ?
  • Is the American Curl an indoor cat ?
  • Is the American Curl an outdoor cat ?
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American Curl


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